PCH 4020 Mk2 Vibration Pen

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The low-cost PCH 4020 Mk2 Vibration Pen, is a simple to use, portable vibration measure-ment tool, for checking the maintenance state of your machinery according to ISO 10816-3.



PCH 4020 Mk2 Vibration Pen

Measuring parameter: Velocity (mm/s)
Measuring range: 0.1 – 99.9 mm/s
Display range: 0.1 – 199.9 mm/s
Frequency range: 10-1000 Hz ±3dB
Detector: RMS
Accuracy: ±5 % ±2 digits
Display: 3½ digits LCD
Power supply: 2 NR-44 or SR-44 batteries
Weight: approx. 100 grams
Housing: aluminium painted plastic, metal sensor


With the included leather holder for your belt, you will always bring the PCH 4020 Mk2 Vibration Pen with you, and have it handy for checking your pumps, fans and electrical motors for detection of typical machine errors such as unbalance, misalignment, eccentricity, bent shaft as well as bearing failures.

Unbalance, misalignment, eccentricity, and bent shaft increases the load on the bearing and thereby reduce the bearing lifetime. If the fault conditions are not de-tected in time, it may lead to sudden breakdown and expensive unplanned maintenance actions and even cause production losses. For machines running 24/7 the machine breakdowns tend to happen off shift. Having checked your machines with the PCH 4020 Mk2, and you can plan your maintenance action dur-ing convenient daytime hours, and reduce the risk for being called in for off shift maintenance operations.

Even for machines running 8 hours a day, the in-creased energy consumption due to increased load due to upcoming undetected machine errors may have a value that justifies a weekly or monthly vibra-tion check with the PCH 4020 Mk2 Vibration Pen.

Apart from reducing bearing lifetime, increased vibra-tions on CNC and other material handling machines can be seen on poorer quality of the finished product. By checking the vibration level with PCH 4020 Mk2, you will detect increased unbalance on spindles and grinders, before it turns into a production quality issue.

The PCH 4020 Mk2 Vibration Pen is as easy to use as a bearing thermometer, just press the metal tip against the bearing housing or other firm machine part and read the instant vibration level in the display. It measures the vibration velocity in mm/s the 10-1000 Hz band, thus complying to the ISO 10816-3 stand-ard.